Responsibilities of Membership

Members agree that it is their institutional responsibility to provide library resources that support the basic programmatic and curricular needs of their own students, and recognize that participation in IEALC is designed to enhance, not replace, local library resources.

Participating libraries agree to limit IEALC borrowing privileges to students whose research or special instructional needs extend beyond the resources of the home library.

Members agree to accept financial responsibility for the replacement cost and associated billing costs of any materials loaned to their students under this Agreement when these materials have been lost or damaged.

Members agree to designate an IEALC liaison to serve as delegate to all regularly scheduled and specially called meetings. Liaisons will assist in gathering data pertinent to IEALC participation and will provide assistance that ensures the efficient operation of the IEALC program.

Members agree to maintain and report use statistics by IEALC borrowers in a form prescribed and approved by the membership.